VPBay the Virtual Project Bay & Engineering Company


VPBay is a marketplace where anyone can buy any kind of virtual project: someone has already done what you are looking for!

If you are a company you could expand your business buying any kind of virtual prototype here for sale.

If you are a startupper you could find here your new business.


VPBay is also an Engineering company and we develop any kind of project.

We can help you before, during and after the purchase.

We specialized in different sector of industry: our mission is to follow the design and production of plants, machinery and equipment.


Are you a freelance? We are always looking for great freelance to widen our agency in order to develop different kind of work.

We are building a worldwide company for any kind of freelance: engineers, designers, biologist, physician, fashion designer and so on.

Contact us and keep in touch.

Easy to Use

Using VPBay is like using any other marketplace: easy and simple!

 100% Secure and Trusting

Every project here is been evaluated from a pool of experienced professionals in order to ensure and maintain high standards.

 Dedicated Support

We can provide you a full support before, during and after the purchase.

Someone has already done what you are looking for! You just have to buy it!


Stop wasting your time looking for the right freelance to entrust your idea, explain your problem and find a solution.

Wait and Hope

Stop waiting for the development of your idea into a project hoping to get it right the first time.


Now you can find the project you are looking for directly in our shop from freelance all over the world.

Make it

After the purchase you have only to make it: go to your workshop and start the production.


If you are in need of anything else you just have to contact us.


Are you a Seller?

Submit your project

Submit your project using the appropriate section Upload File in your personal page (you may want to simply send the link to the file via cloud storage services, like Dropbox or Googledrive)


Within a few days the project will be evaluated by an expert and you'll be notified of the suitability for sale.

Put on Sale

If eligible, the project will be put on sale on this website with a duration that varies depending on the subscription chosen.


If sold, you receive the payment, less the agreed commission.

Virtual Project Bay

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