“You just have to do your work, we take care of the rest.”

How it works

VPBay is a marketplace for inventors, engineers and designers who want to sell online thier virtual projects

VPBay is a showcase for all those who want to sell a complete virtual project such as industrial machines, architectural drawings, biomedical and biomechanic devices.

First of all, in order to start selling, you have to sign up.

Then you can upload your project: send us anything you think is usable. The more you send, the more the price rises up.

Hence, a pool of experienced professionals will evaluate the suitability to the presence on our systems (the user will always be, if necessary, constantly updated). This process is necessary to ensure and maintain the high standards offered by VPBay.

shutterstock_209694610No patent needed

No patent needed to sell on VPBay: you can sell any project without a patent. If you have it, you can sell your project with an higher price.

If you would like to patent your idea, contact us before start selling it.

What to sell

You can submit a complete project, but also incomplete in some parts: you have to point out that incompleteness (eg mechanically complete, but not from the point of view of electrical / software). Send all materials, including the report of calculation, analysis CAE / FEM, patents and more.

On the website will be published only necessary for the evaluation of the project: the 3D prototype, calculation, reports and anything else will not be published and will remain the property of the seller.

It also allowed the sale of complete simple theoretical projects, without the virtual prototype, but obviously this project will have a lower market value, such as a PCB working diagram without the virtual prototype.

Follow these steps

Submit your project

Submit your project

Submit your project using the appropriate section Upload File in your personal page (you may want to simply send the link to the file via cloud storage services, like Dropbox or Googledrive)



Within a few days the project will be evaluated by an expert and you'll be notified of the suitability for sale.

Put on Sale

Put on Sale

If eligible, the project will be put on sale on this website with a duration that varies depending on the subscription chosen.



If sold, you receive the payment, less the agreed commission.

Auction Ended

Auction Ended

If at the expiration of the project has not been sold, the subscription will be automatically renewed  and you will need to pay the fee again.


If you sale by your own the project meanwhile it is active on VPBay, you have to pay the agreed fee anyway.

Remember that the project will be sold on an exclusive basis, in the amount of one piece: for any other inquiries please contact the staff of VPBay.


It is strictly forbidden the sale of projects covered by the patent or copyright if you are not in possession of such rights. You will be liable for any civil action arising from fraudulent and criminal.

Here’s the category list

Machines and mechanical equipment for any kind of usage.
Industrial machines, innovative machines, household and hobbystical equipments, automatic machines including robots and drones.

This section includes prototype, project, files and more for 3D printers.

Equipment and machine for the biomechanics and biomedical.
Prosthesis, electromedical devices et simila.

Any kind of architectural and civil project, including environmental ones and sustainable development.

This section includes software, apps, website template and everithing one can do programming, including software for industrial machines.

Machines, equipments, (including equipments for the research on field and education), and procedures for biological/medical laboratory.

This section includes any kind kind of equipments in the hardware/electrical sector.

All type of design, prototype, project, including graphics and fashion.

This section includes every fashion and style creations.

Procedures, techniques and instructions: scientific, educational and other for products and processes.

The projects of this section can be bought only by no-profit organization and they are completely FREE.

VPBay agrees to convey any requests of non-profit organizations and the ideas of individual sellers through the web portal.

Price & Rates

In order to sell your project you need to get a proper subscription  with a variable duration of 90 days, 6 months, 1 year. Subscriptions, and their relative prices, can be found by here.

If sold you have pay a fee to VPBay as shown in the table alongside.

At the end of the subscription period, if the project has not been sold, the subscription will be renewed automatically and you will have to pay the agreed fee. You can vary the length of your subscription renewal by sending written notice to VPBay before the expiring date.

Selling Price Fee
up to 1.000€ 26 %
from 1.001€ to 10.000€ 24 %
above 10.000€ 22 %


Selling_03Any modification of the project on sale will be charge with a variable fee of up to a maximum of € 29.99 (VAT excluded). For sole discretion, VPBay evaluate the renewal and duration of the subscription period resulting in the change.

You can not withdraw the ad until its natural end as regards subscriptions 90 days. For all other subscriptions you will need to submit a written request within 30 days from the date of the subscription end.

If the entry is withdrawn prior to the expiration date you will have to compensate with VPBay € 49.99 + shipping operator fee, up to a maximum of € 9.99, as well as any discounts granted for the purchase of the subscription.

If you sell the project through third ways during your subscription period you will have to pay the agreed commission, as if the same will be sold through the store in VPBay.

The effect of the modification or withdrawal of the ads will not be instant, but it will be carried out according to the time frame of the staff of VPBay.


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