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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some answer at you question here below. If you have not found what you were looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

What can I sell on VPBay?

On VPBay you can sell ideas, creations, projects, virtual prototypes of machines and equipment of all kinds, software and instructions. VPBay is a showcase for inventors, designers, researchers, enthusiasts and students.
It is also the perfect place for all those who can not realize their creations, or simply have not yet found a unique place like this, where everyone can learn, admire and buy the fruit of their operates.
A pool of experienced professionals will evaluate (the user will always be, if necessary, constantly updated and involved) the suitability to the presence on our systems. Each process step is designed to ensure and maintain the highest standards of VPBay.

How does it work VPBay?

For vendors VPBay is a closed system: the verification process helps to ensure and maintain high standards offered by VPBay.

Before to sell your project you have to sign up in our website and be verified by VPBay.

How do I become a vendor?

Register on the appropriate form. When you receive the okay from the staff of VPBay through appropriate communication via email, normally within 24/48 hours, you can email your designs / prototypes for evaluation or through the online form: in any case, and even more so for particularly heavy file is preferable to compact all in a compressed file, insert it into your favorite cloud and send to VPBay the link to download the files.
Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation e-mail for receiving files.
To see published your insertion you must wait the time required for the evaluation of our experts.

I need to pay for the ad?

In order to sell your project you need to get a proper subscription the variable duration of 90 days, 6 months, 1 year unless otherwise specified.
At the end of the subscription period, if the project has not been sold, the subscription will be renewed automatically and you will have to pay again the agreed fee. You can vary the length of your subscription renewal by sending written notice to VPBay 30 days before the expiry.

What happens purchasing a subscription?

To purchase subscriptions sign up on VPBay.
Once you purchase your subscription you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your purchase. VPBay will store the information and when you will proceed with the selling process you will need to indicate the subscription to be used, which will be deducted from those you have purchased.

Can I modify or withdraw the ad?

Yes, you can modify your ad at any time by sending a request to VPBay: changing ads involve a variable fee, to be determined, up to a maximum of € 29.99 (VAT excluded). VPBay will decide any renewal and / or extension of the subscription period.
You can not withdraw the ad until its natural end as regards subscriptions 90 days. For all other subscriptions you will need to submit a written request within 30 days from the date of the subscription end.
If the entry is withdrawn prior to the expiration date you will have to compensate with VPBay € 49.99 + shipping operator fee up to a maximum of € 9.99, as well as any discounts granted for the purchase of the subscription.
If you sell the project through third ways during your subscription period you will have to pay the agreed commission, as if the same will be sold through the store in VPBay.
The effect of the modification or withdrawal of the ads will not be instant, but it will be carried out according to the time frame of the staff of VPBay.

What does VPBay sell?

On VPBay sell ideas, creations, projects, virtual prototypes of machines and equipment of all kinds, software and instructions. VPBay is a showcase for inventors, designers, researchers, enthusiasts and students.

How does it work VPBay?

VPBay is a E-Commerce Website: anyone can buy on the store and check out the products purchased.

What happens after I purchase?

Once you purchase a product you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your purchase. Within 24/48 hours you will be contacted by the staff of VPBay and it will be sent the coordinates for the payment.
After the purchase and payment is received, you will receive the project files, that you can immediately use.
VPBay is not simply a site of e-commerce, but a pool of experts is on hand to meet any need for the buyer after the purchase, such as customize and / or assist in project development / prototype.

Why every project is sold in one piece?

The project is sold on an exclusive basis, in the amount of one piece so that with the act of purchase you will buy its exclusivity and this project will be no longer for sale to other customers: for any other inquiries please contact the staff of VPBay.

What about the VAT?

Every price shown on the website is without VAT also when you complete the checkout. VPBay is an intermediary of sale so that you buy the item directly from our sellers: the application of VAT depends on the international relations between those who sell and those who buy. After completing the purchase you will receive an e-mail with the correct price to pay and the data for payment.

Can I have the project file for a trial period?

No, all the information will be collected in the advertisement: you can contact VPBay for any additional information or requests.

Responsibility on the elements for sale

VPBay and its affiliated companies disclaim all responsibility if the items for sale were covered by patents and / or copyrights. Therefore, all the obligations and responsibilities fall directly, exclusively and solely on the owners of the items for sale. Contact us for any requirement.

What about the tabular drawings?

Some of the items on sale are tabular pieces: the machines are built on different dimensions and potentiality. You can buy just one machine or you can buy the entire list.

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