Our Professional Offer

aren’t you tired of searching the right freelance to make your project, contract the cost, wait until the project is done and build it?

now you can save time and money buying directly the project you need



Stop wasting your time looking for the right freelance to entrust your idea, explain your problem and find a solution.

Wait and Hope

Wait and Hope

Stop waiting for the development of your idea into a project hoping to get it right the first time.



Now you can find the project you are looking for directly in our shop from freelance all over the world.

Make it

Make it

After the purchase you have only to make it: go to your workshop and start the production.



If you are in need of anything else you just have to contact us.

How it Works

How to Buy

Projects for sale can be purchased according to the typical procedure of any goods: enter the desired items in your shopping cart and complete the purchase process.

It should be noted that the projects here for sale are NOT physical objects, but simple projects, software or instructions: at the end of your purchase we will sent you all the documentation (for example: cad design, calculation reports, calculations or CAE FEM) as shown in the ad.

All items for sale are easy to be industrialized, but may not be free of small design flaws due to the fact that they should never been prototyped and / or built.

We do not accept claims for design defects inherent in virtual prototyping.

Dedicated Support

Remember that the project will be sold on an exclusive basis, in the amount of one piece so that with the act of purchase you will buy its exclusivity and this project will be no longer for sale to other customers: for any other inquiries please contact the staff of VPBay.

Anyway some items are sold for more than one piece per project: check the “Additional Information” inside the ad of the item you are looking for. In this case you can buy the exclusivity at higher price than the one shown: please contact us.

Our experts, and / or the owners of the items for sale are available (for a fee to be agreed), to develop projects according to the needs of the buyer: contact us to request our assistance.

Contact Us

Price and VAT

Every price shown on the website is excluding VAT also when you complete the checkout.

VPBay is an intermediary of sale so that you buy the item directly from our sellers: the application of VAT depends on the international relations between those who sell and those who buy.

After completing the purchase you will receive an e-mail with the correct price to pay and the data for payment.

Contact Us

Follow these simple steps

For those who buy the procedure is very simple:

  • Enter the desired items in the shopping cart
  • Complete the purchase process and go to the checkout
  • Soon you will receive the proforma invoice with the data for payment
  • Make the payment through the bank transfer
  • Once the payment is received, you will receive all the documents indicated in the ad.

It is possible to complete the sale also at our offices.



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