Automatic Grinding Machine for Sawblades


Automatic grinding machine for sawblades Ø 300 to 1600.

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Automatic grinding machine for sawblades Ø 300 to 1600. The portal structure allows having the 3 hanged carriages on the upper part of the machine so that the working residual (grinding wheel powders and diamond micro powders) go down the cleaning tank without deteriorating motors and moving parts. Complete with an advanced automatic system monitors the wear of grinding wheels.


  • Completely closed machine;
  • Internal artificial illumination;
  • Water inlet flow, controlled from the outside of the machine;
  • The movement of the four carriages is driven by d.c. motors;
  • Spindle driven by d.c. motor;
  • Mechanic sawblade blocking and pneumatic unlocking;

Machine dimensions 3890 x 2160 x 2670 mm
Machine weight 3800 kg

The project includes 3D drawings in Autodesk Inventor and is made exclusively from the mechanical part.

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2D/3D CAD Files

Wiring Diagrams



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